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Dining on 5th Ave South

A Variety of Restaurant Options Available to Our Guests at Naples Bay Resort

There are just some things you have to experience in this life and many of them are found in the restaurants, cafe's and fish shacks of the Paradise Coast. From Eggs Hussarde and Lobster Quesadilla to Veal Champignon, A Rhum Boogie libation and cool, creamy Florida Key Lime Pie, thes amazing dishes run the gamut of courses, customs, cravings and pure creativitiy on our local foodie "bucket list".  To learn more about around town, call 239.530.5122 or click here to email us.

Fine dining on 5th Ave South in Naples Florida.

The Locals Favorites for Dining & Restaurants on 5th Ave South

Seafood "Nicoise" Salad - Riverwalk Restaurant at Tin City, 1200 Fifth Avenue South

THE DISH. The centerpiece of this meal-in-a-salad is four brochettes of grilled shrimp, yellowfin tuna and grouper. These seafood skewers rest atop mixed greens dresses in balsamic vinaigrette and decorates with a colorful combination of Roma tomatoes, cannelini beans, Idaho potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, kalamata olives and feta cheese.

Rhum Boogie Cocktail-The Dock Restaurant at Crayton Cove, 845 12th Avenue South

THE DISH. "A little orange juice, a little pineapple juice, a lot of Nicaraguan rum, and you'll boogie all night long", says The Dock's Dolly Roberts. Known for its tropical Caribbean and Latin cuisine, The Dock stocks its bar with 25 rums from Puerto Rico and beyond

Emily's Warm Chocolate Cake-Ridgway Bar & Grill, 1300 Third Street South

THE DISH. This favorite 'is unlike any other as it's completely molten all the way through", says pastry chef and namesake Emily Duncan. Dig in and see the chocolate ooze onto the plate. Made with a scant amount of four and 65 percent maracaibo chocolate, it's heaven on Earth with berries and vanilla ice cream. Ridgway also serves breads, pastries and desserts made on site and "to go" at Tony's Off Third next door.

Grilled Black Grouper-Pincher's Crab Shack, 1200 Fifth Avenue South

THE DISH. Black grouper, one of the rarest and tastiest varieties of this mild native fish, is obviously the big deal here, offered grilled, blackened or fried with secret house seasonings. Since they only serve it fresh (slogan: "You Can't Fake Fresh") it's catch as catch can (as it were). When black grouper isn't on the menu, try the red grouper instead!

Fish 'N' Chips-The Jolly Cricket, 720 Fifth Avenue South

THE DISH. The New York Times proclaimed Jolly Cricket's beer-battered cod with its own house-made tartar sauce "succulent". The chips? Fresh-cut potatoes, twice-fried for ultimate crunch. Add a dash of malt vinegar (and forget about adding up the calories!). It doesn't get better than this.

*Information published in the 2011 Paradise Coast Official Visitors Guide-thank you for sharing!