The Florida Everglades

Enjoy the Beauty of the Florida Everglades in South Florida

Thirty (30) minutes away from the Naples Bay Resort is one of the wildest natural habitats in the United States....the legendary Florida Everglades. The Everglades offers a thrilling immersion into one of the nation's most revered habitats for the individual, couples and the entire family. Countless spaces of exquisitely colored birds, schools of dophins, alligators, small sharks, wild flowers, orchids and even the elusive Florida panther all reside in the Everlades, one of the nation's most beautiful wetlands.   For more information or questions call 866.605.1199 or click here to email us.

Everglades Area Tours

Everglades Area Tours offers a naturalist-let kayak and boat eco-tours deep into the Everglades National Park. Experience paddling among the wildlife, custom Everglades hiking, bicycling and aerial tours also available.